We are a couple of women who would be delighted to help, or talk to you if you find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy or post abortive stress or need some direction with children that are already born. Margie has experience as a mother and grandmother, and she will primarily be answering the emails fromContinue reading “Philosophy”


If you do not feel in a position to raise your child yourself, please consider adopting your child out. This option is often good for people who feel too young for motherhood, who are not in a stable relationship or single mothers with too much to handle already. In New Zealand, the most common formContinue reading “Adoption”

The Gospel

The living and true God of the Bible created all things, and made mankind in His image. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, from the moment of conception. (Genesis 1:1,27; Psalm 139). We are, each of us, fallen in sin and in rebellion against our Creator.  We have broken His Law, and the wages ofContinue reading “The Gospel”