If you do not feel in a position to raise your child yourself, please consider adopting your child out. This option is often good for people who feel too young for motherhood, who are not in a stable relationship or single mothers with too much to handle already.

In New Zealand, the most common form of adoption is open adoption. An “open” adoption is where the mother meets the adoptive family, knows who they are and where they live, and then keeps in touch as the child grows up. You can also choose a “closed” adoption where you have helped choose the family, according to the file about them, but don’t ask for their name or address.

You have time to decide if adoption is the right decision for you. Up until 12 days before the birth, you can choose to raise your child yourself. The process of placing a child for adoption in New Zealand is explained here, on Adoption Option.

In order to begin the process, you will need to go here:

If you are of Maori or Pacifica culture, whangai is a common way for family members to raise children if the parents are unable to.

There are couples in New Zealand who cannot have children and would love to provide a baby with a caring home. They are responsible to pay all the legal fees. Please email us if you would like Margie to talk to for help. 

On this website there is are stories from Kiwi mothers who have adopted out their babies.

Birth Mum’s support.

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