Helpful links– hormonal birth control has the ability to destroy newly conceived children.

Home for young single pregnant mums- If you are a young pregnant mother in New Zealand, you can fill out an application online.

If you or your partner are pregnant, your first point of call should be your GP. Do not rush into making a decision- we are here to talk to. There are links here to help you and to provide alternatives to abortion.

Pregnancy help locations NZ- free help with all sorts of things for pregnancy and early childhood.

We are offering accommodation to anyone pregnant who is in need of lodging in Taranaki. Please email the contact us page if this is you. – it is possible to reverse the abortion pill. This pill is designed to chemically poison your baby. – Different organisations and New Zealand will help with different fetal abnormality problems.

Just because your baby is disabled please do not abort him or her. People have different disabilities. The worst kind of disability is thinking you don’t have any faults. I myself was born with a genetic disability it gets worse over time, and so far I have had a very worthwhile and rewarding 25 years of life. Disabled people can be a blessing to those around them. People only get one shot at life, please don’t take that life away from anybody. For those wanting to know about options for New

Zealanders with a child with a lethal anomaly diagnosis, there is a perinatal hospice operating in

Wanganui that is run by Catherine Bronnimann and a group of experienced volunteers.

Photos of aborted babies:


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